Joomla SEO Tips For Beginners


Joomla is not the default search engine. You need a little work on improving this. The most important thing is observed when starting work at the site of Joomla SEO is the address of each page. The URL of the page generated by Joomla is not search engines. Always search parameters that do not provide lots of information for search engines to index and classify these pages correctly. By optimizing the page for search engines, one of the things you should pay much more attention is the URL of the page you want to optimize. It should be informative and well filled significant extension of keywords, and preferably. "HTML."
Use the first search engine friendly URLs, you can make your Joomla site web search engine friendly, you have several options. The first is to use standard Joomla SEF plugin. By default, this plugin is not enabled, then you must go to your global configuration page and activate it.

Arts catch the titles of pages for each page of your site more often I see sites in the default Joomla header that says "Start." This is the title of the homepage. Most beginners do not see and how to change the title a bit 'dark to begin with. As you know, the page title is one of the main reasons for the search engines view sites site ranking. So you must give place to place significant main keywords in it. If you want to change the title as follows:

a. Menu Manager and select the main menu.
B. a menu list, open it says "home"
C. Now, on the right side of the screen a number of parameters can be changed. Open "Parameters (System) field and change the cover, which tells the page and save desired.

Define the metadata for each page on your site meta-data can not be so precious in the eyes of search engines were used in a few years ago, but still works well for optimization. When the meta-data optimized website. You should place greater emphasis on description rather than keywords. Write a good description of your side, preferably to 160 characters. This description is what you will see the results of a search engine with the title of the page. And therefore it's very useful for connecting the results page stands out. Of course, if the search engines you can not find an adequate description meta tags, which try to extract the body text of the article page and use it as a description of the results page of search engines. But you have to decide to put in place, use the advantage of attracting more visitors from search engines.

The biggest problem I think many of Joomla powered using more meta description and keywords of each page of your site. This is wrong! It should provide a description and keywords of each page of your site. You can still use the global configuration defines the metadata for the entire site, but you must add metadata Each element adds to the main section of the page. You can add metadata to the article you wrote, looking at the right side of the article [edit] page to find sites that offer data and metadata.

Using page 404 pages most often you see a Joomla site with the standard 404-page with little information about the error and a link to the site. You must submit a 404-page, or by some sort of plugin or a manual configuration. Include useful resources on this page to the user's location to your website. Or include a search form that can be used by the user on the right track. You can also use phrases users search on the previous page and produce a page of search results as you. The point here is to prevent users from being frustrated by the average error page.

Insert H1 Tags in Joomla is a good idea to use H1 tags to your contractor under the article. Is of some importance to students to convince search engines that the page is currently in the keyword that you quote the title page. I know the pages that do well, no H1 tag, but who cares if you can get a little help from your SEO work for nothing or almost nothing. Go ahead and H1 tags for the title of your items.


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